Jnana Package

This package ensures you a therapeutic approach to meet the needs of your skin and hair naturally without any side effects. It is not just the external application that we focus on but the internal purification of the body fluids. Skin wrinkles, freckles, acne, pigmentation, hair fall, dark circles can be catered well with this package. This package comprises treatments and dietary regulations that can be inculcated in your daily routine to prevent early ageing.

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By approaching the skin from the inside out we can assess and take a closer look at the imbalances in the body, these may include
hormones, nutrition, detox pathways, liver function, blood sugar regulation, methylation, genetics, environmental toxins, chemical
exposure and lifestyle factors such as alcohol, smoking and exercise. If you want to look youthful in your early 30s or late 40s
and even after that, a visit to SRK Naturopathy Hospital is a must. Our expert naturopaths are dedicated to offering tailor-made
anti-ageing solutions to our clients, based on their exact skin and dietary requirements. We do not resort to any kind of
artificial treatments or techniques to reverse the work of time.Mental stress and pollution are two of the major reasons that accelerate
the ageing process of the skin. You will be able to experience nature at its best. As you stay in AC, non-AC or villa rooms surrounded by lush
green trees and wake up to the sound of chirping birds, you will automatically find peace and feel young. To avail our affordably priced anti-
ageing package, feel free to get in touch with us. Within only a week of stay with us, you will find your skin healthier, glowing and youthful.

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14 Days Treatments Include


Increased joint mobility and flexibility


Flushes out of toxins and excess mucus from the small intestine, this helping in improving digestion


Relaxing, Soothing, and Calming effects on the body and mind.

Kizhi (Podi / Navara)

Provides lightness in the joints, soft tissues, and muscles by inducing sweat.


Purifying the head region and nasal passages thereby reducing Headaches, Migraine and Sinus related disorders.


Streams of lukewarm medicated oil is used to bath the body along with simultaneous soft massage.

Steam bath

Steam open pores and cleanses your skin

Herbal scrub

To improve quality and tone of our skin by assisting in removal of dead skin cells from the surface.

Facial massage

Ability to improve the overall appearance of skin.

Oil Massage in FeetEla kizhi

Wellness from this Package

Personalized meals prescribed by experienced diet consultants which include refreshing juices at
equivalent intervals, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

Naturopathy treatment
AYurveda treatments
Yoga treatment
DIet Therapy
Full Board
Airport Pickup/ Drop
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Benefits of
Jnana Package

Skin Tightening And Hydration.

Gain Skin Radiance.

Increases Your Self-Confidence.

Positive Effect On Your Health.

Prevents The Occurrence of Age Spots and Discoloration.

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Why SRK Naturopathy Hospital  ?

Our aim is to create an experience where you are heard, understood, and are given the quality care that you deserve. You are not defined by your condition or disease, you are an individual with a unique medical history. We understand this, and do our best to provide the care that is personalized for you. We customize every patient's treatment plan to fit their health condition, goals, and lifestyle.

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